Red Urus Luxury Car Rental

Starting At:


100 miles per day included,
$15 per additional mile,
Security deposit required.
1 Rental Day = 24 hours


(4.0L, V8)


      However, It feels the same as any other SUV but, if you are a starter, it will drive you a lot faster. Besides the feel, it is a whole different case when it comes to practicality than other Lamborghini sports cars. Introducing the Lamborghini Urus―from the world’s renowned makers of sports cars.

      While the style can drive anyone mad, it combines the sleek luxury style with the sports vehicle’s convenience. It would be your perfect partner for your next trip around Miami. It hides an eight turbo twin-charged engine under the hood while offers you 657 horsepower.

      This rental car comes with a permanent all-wheel drive and a handy automatic eight transmission to offer you a beautiful driving experience. However, being an SUV, it offers way more passenger space than others with the same mark. The car can seat five passengers comfortably. Also, the exotic interior is the glazed cherry on the top.

      The Lamborghini Urus also boasts a dramatic cabin-like all the typical Lamborghini out there. It includes features like carbon-fiber trim, faux-suede, customization settings, and more. Well, these interesting features are the must-have between the trips to Miami.