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Rolls Royce Cullinan

$ 1699 / day

By British Automakers, we present the Rolls-Royce Cullinan that has raised the bar for the fastest and hot cars to newer heights. This car is more luxurious than many SUVs in the market and gives a high-quality crossover Cullinan. You can experience the adventurous journey of your life in a paradise place like Miami by Elite Car Rental.

This car comes with a higher bonnet, luxurious surfaces, coach doors, stereo camera system, hand-polished stainless steel, four-wheel staring, and electronic dampers. For high speed, it has 563 horsepower and torque of 627lb. So, you can experience the comfortable and adventurous tour that you have ever dreamed of with this luxury car rental service.

The interior color is orange, and the exterior color of the car is black. You can enjoy the fastest speed with its engine 6.75L V12. For a comfortable ride, it has a massage seat and starry roof that can level up your enjoyment during the ride. With this Roll-Royce Cullinan by Elite Car Rental, you can fulfill the dream of riding a cool car like a superstar with an affordable rental rate.

  • Black Exterior Color
  • Orange Interior Color
  • Engine: 6.75L V12
  • Starry Roof
  • Massaging Seats
  • Power Closing Doors
  • Champagne Chiller

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