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OUR FLEET IN Miami Shores

When you think luxury cars, think Hot Car Rental – Miami Shores`s most sophisticated renter of exotic cars. We take care of things so you can bask in the wonders of this sun-filled paradise, minus the hassle.

Our aim is to give our customers a one-of-a-kind experience that closely mirrors what is typical of the Miami Shores lifestyle. Whether you are a part of the select few of elites who flood our city on an annual basis or a tourist seeking the thrill Miami Shores promises, our company can help you experience this playground for the rich and famous.

We take pride in delivering nothing but the best to our customers which is why you can find all the big names in our roster. Our luxury cars will satisfy the taste of even the most diverse clientele. If you’re a Sports Car lover, take any of our convertibles or coupes out for a spin such as the Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 458 Spyder or the super luxurious Rolls Royce Wraith. These vehicles show that it is possible to have performance and sleek luxury all in one ride. We also cater to family outings so you can bring the kids along and still have the ultimate South Florida experience. Call us to find out how you can rent one of our premium SUVs such as the Mercedes Benz G550, Porsche Cayenne GTS or the Cadillac Escalade ESV.

Because we understand that luxury and style is an important aspect of your stay in paradise, we want to offer you the most flexible and elite experience in renting an exotic car. This is why we’re the first choice of many prominent figures and celebrities. Moreover, because a luxury car is often an exclusive commodity, Hot Car Rentals is delighted to give you the opportunity to join an exclusive membership club at an affordable price. Nothing says originality and style more than an exotic car; a true beauty that’s rarely spotted in ordinary circumstances, one that is often longed for by many but owned by few – she’s mysterious, sleek and high-powered and she’s all yours! When you rent with Hot Car Rentals you get to enjoy the flexibility of choosing your favorite model and even colour so you can ensure that your ride matches your individual style and taste. What’s more is that our vehicles are maintained in the best possible shape and kept in prime condition so you can fully expect to travel around Miami Shores with the same level of luxury and sophistication as the celebrities.

Bask in the envy of stares as you cruise around the city whether with friends, on a ‘baecation’ or perhaps a quick weekend getaway. If you’ve dreamed of getting behind the wheels of some of today’s most sought after vehicles, here is your chance! Our courteous, knowledgeable and patient staff is ready to assist you 24/7 and our terms of service are convenient and simple.

At Hot Car Rentals, we keep you at the center of our business. Schedule a reservation or give us a call to find out about our special weekend rates, free airport pick up and our arranged `Hot Car Rental` personal video/photographer. You deserve quality, luxury and style and that`s important to us.


At Hot Car Rentals, we stand by the quality and exclusivity of all our vehicles. Our team of dedicated staffers are avid vehicle lovers and are passionate about the brands we represent. That`s why you can fully expect a luxurious experience when you rent from us.

Our prices are unbeatable and tailored to meet the needs of a diverse clientele. When you rent with us, you`re taking your Miami Shores to newer and greater heights.

Our vehicles are available to rent for a wide range of intents and purposes. Let`s say you`re on your dream vacation that has taken months of planning and designing. If you can picture yourself cruising down Sunset Beach with your partner or family behind the wheels of your dream car while the rustle of the wind flows through your hair, then you`ve come to the right place. Or, let`s say you`ve been invited on a business trip and you`re looking to close some deals and looking fashionably as you do, nothing says luxury and quality like pulling up in an exotic car from us.

We know the luxury car rental experience in South Florida can sometimes be confusing. At Hot Car Rentals, we pay very keen attention to all the details of our business so we can give you simply great value at a fully competitive cost! Trust the name many celebrities and VIP visitors are familiar with and explore our famous, beautiful city in luxury, quality, style and taste. Call us in Miami Shores at our phone number 1-305-521-7999 to rent exotic car.