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 Elite Car Rentals

Elite Car Rentals have got such an extensive variety of luxury homes and vehicles that leave you confused and dribble at the same time in order to make a final choice because you find so many top-notch quality options at a single place for the first time ever, and you will see us prove it. From the hottest fleet of cars to the jaw-dropping yachts and further to the magnificent mansions, we have it all for you to access on rent. These include the newest Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Bentley Bentayga, Cadillac Escalade, McLaren, Land Rover, and more in the stunning collection of Elite car fleet. Especially, the super stretching Limousines feature an exquisite aura when you ride them. All these luxury vehicles have an epic pile of power-related qualities like convertible, SUVs, hybrid, etcetera. Elite cars are the safest vehicles that you will ever move with. With the child safety seats implanted without as well as the other securest manual and technological aspects of security, they prove how we prioritize the convenience and comfort of our customers foremost.



Sprinter Limo from our fleet is exactly made for you if you desire covering distance from one point to the other in the classiest way ever. Elegantly simple from the exterior, this beauty has the real charm within having elite leather seats, champagne treats, and television aesthetics in the interior. Our designated driver also enough experienced makes sure to save you from any road jerks so that you enjoy an undisturbed, memorable time of your life.


This gorgeous limo is a business and celebrity world diva and this is why so many stars own its models to travel into, This stretch limo is capable of accommodating even up to 10 people so you can party hard with your loved ones in an exclusively luxurious style, that too while enjoying a built in state of the art audio visual system. Throw yourself on the comfy leather seats and feel home. Your proms, weddings, bachelors and birthday parties cannot be more elite with this.


Sophisticated design and impeccable style are the adjectives that define Cadillac Escalade Limo. For many years, it has been a symbol of elite status. Not only its grace, but the space that it carries is enough to turn heads towards you. From personal events to the life changing business meetings, this travel partner can impress others in a matter of seconds. Filled with advance facilities, it not only makes you feel like home but also like a celebrity when you enjoy a VIP treatment within.


Majestic, iconic and prestigious, this hummer killer is well known by these terms. Spacious enough to accommodate up to 30 persons, it brings a life to an unstoppable party and dominates every road wherever it is driven to. With the top-class amenities and modern exterior as well as interior, this highly developed vehicle is perfect for you if you look forward to be defined by power, status and an unbeatable class as well as becoming a hot breaking news in your circle for many days. This killer limo can be rented for every occasion like birthdays, sports events, wedding, proms, friends’ night out, concerts, etcetera. First we make sure that you get your hands on the readiest vehicle to drive, whether from our showroom or right from your doorstep, whichever you like, and then our chauffeur will make sure that you smoothly enjoy the ride till the end. With Elite rents, you will be nicely treated like never before