The Villa Jasmine makes an amazing luxury renting choice when you are looking for an exclusive vacation activity. In this extravagant and intriguing Moorish style mansion with eminent waterside area and stunning sights of the downtown Miami, this will set your mood pleasantly for the vacations period. Built over Sunset Island in a gated community, this open mansion is 10 minutes only strolling from South Sea shore. With architectural subtleties that summon the magnificence of Alhambra Castle, the Manor’s Moroccan lights, mosaic wellspring and geometrical pool make a jaw-dropping sensation for outdoor fun and engagement. Constructed in 2003, the inside design is advance and open plan with stylish Indian and Moroccan style decorations.

Unmistakably angled windows supplement the oriental subject. Six extra-large bedrooms are moderate in stylistic thematic work. Jasmine Villa likewise has a housetop Jacuzzi, in-home film area and office integrated into the bar, and last not the least, the pool or bay-side waterbeds that make this castle like villa an ideal spot for engaging on an amazing, fascinating scale.